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The Basics

  1. How do I get started with Edorble?

    We wrong an article about getting started with Edorble here.

  2. Where do I download Edorble?

    You can download Edorble here.

  3. Do I need an account to use Edorble?

    No. Anyone can use Edorble without an account. You can use any world code you want. Whoever uses the same world code will be in the same world. You don't need an account to choose a world code, but you do not an account if you'd like to password protect a certain code and do other administrative things. You'll also need an account to use Edorble on a large scale. 

  4. How do I get a world code? How do world codes work?

    You can use any world code you want. Use your imagination. Whoever puts in the same world code at the same will be in the same 3D world. These codes are case sensitive, so be careful. If you want to password protect a world code, you'll have to create an account. 

  5. What platforms does Edorble run on? Laptop? VR?

    Edorble right now works on PC and Mac, and we have a closed beta out for VR headsets (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive). Shoot an email if you're interested in the closed VR beta. We'll be building for Edorble for more platforms soon. 

  6. Does Edorble need a super fast computer or internet connection?

    Nope. Edorble is far less bandwidth-intensive than video chat, for example, and you also don't need a very advanced laptop. See our system requirements here.

  7. Where can I get help if I have a question or need to do some troubleshooting?


  8. What are the controls?

    You can see the controls within Edorble by hitting the escape button and then clicking "Controls".

    Here's the rundown though:

    point and click with mouse - move around the world

    - raise hand, lower hand

    t - sit down, stand up

    c - rotate camera, return camera to default (only works outside the auditorium)

    shift - move faster

    tab - change camera view (only works in certain parts of the world)

    b - broadcast your voice throughout the world

  9. What can I do in Edorble?

    With our beta, we've laid the foundation for what's to come.

    You can quickly and easily gather with your colleagues or students in a private 3D environment. Once in there, you can:

    • move around

    • talk

    • browse the web on shared web browser screens

    • break into small groups

    • hold discussions

    • watch videos

    • do a few gestures (raise hand, sit, etc)

    • view files from Google Drive

  10.  How much does Edorble cost?

    While Edorble is in beta, it's free. Once we leave beta, Edorble will remain free for up to 10 users at once. For larger-scale usage, you'll need to get on a paid plan. Plans will start at $20/month and scale up from there. If you'd like a custom build of Edorble (custom design or custom features), we also do this work as a service. You can email for any inquiries related to pricing or custom projects.
  11. Do you need to install on premises or is it cloud based?
    We prefer cloud offerings, Microsoft is actively supporting us and can even provide information sessions to higher management on the pro's and cons. That being said, we can do on premises if it's required, but this is always a bespoke solution.

Voice Chat

  1. What should I do if the voice chat isn't working properly?

    Check out the voice chat section of our troubleshooting area.

  2. How does the voice chat work in Edorble? Can everyone hear everyone else?

    The voice chat is spatialized, so you only hear who you're close to. That way, you can have small groups break out and have separate conversations. To broadcast your voice throughout the world, you can hold down the "b" button. You can also adjust your microphone sensitivity and other voice chat settings by hitting the "escape" button and clicking on "voice settings".

Use Cases

  1. I'm a teacher or trainer. How can I use Edorble with my students?

    Check out our blog for lesson and implementation ideas. Here are a few though.

    Hold office hours. Hold your online office hours in Edorble, where you can meet students individually or in small groups and talk with them. If a few students join your Edorble office, you can talk to one while having the others wait outside the auditorium and socialize until you're free. 

    Browse the web. Try out our web browser with your students. Whoever stands in the blue circle controls the web browser, which is "synced" across viewers.  This means everyone should be seeing the same thing.  Have your students come up and present content that they have on the web. Watch videos. 

    Give a lecture/webinar, or have your students give one. Invite your class to the auditorium and give a lecture. Soon, you'll be able to use the screens in the auditorium to display all sorts of content. We encourage you to invite students to the front of the auditorium to give presentations of their own!

    Do role-playing educational exercises. When people use avatars, it can be fun for them to role-play. If you're a Spanish teacher, for example, you could invite your students to a world and have them role-play as Spanish speakers. If you're teaching a business class, have students join and pretend they are investors, CEOs, potential customers, or marketers interacting with each other. Use your imagination!

    Break your class into small discussion groups. Outside of the auditorium, users can only hear the voices of nearby avatars. This means that students can have separate discussions if they break into small groups and find their own place to gather. Users can sit [insert command] in a circle to make the space feel more conversational.

    Create 3D models and scenes using third party software and use them in or as your Edorble world. Email if you're interested in this.

  2. I'm a student. How can I use Edorble with my classmates?

    You can use Edorble to collaborate with your classmates in a playful environment.

    Create an Edorble world and invite your classmates. Use the screen to pull up web sites or videos. Have a discussion about some readings or talk about your assignments. Hang out. Explore. 

  3. I'm holding a webinar. Can I use Edorble for that?

    Edorble is a neat place to hold a webinar because of the sense of space provided by a 3D world, and because the in-world web browser is a great way to show a presentation.

    Taking questions and managing the flow of a conversation is easy, as users can raise their hand when they have a question. You can also have your webinar participants break out into small groups in the world and then have them get back together in the auditorium. 

    If you're thinking about holding a webinar in Edorble but want to see it in action first, email me at and I'd be happy to meet you "in-world" to show you around!

The Web Browser Screens

  1. How do I use the web browser screens in Edorble?

    To control the screens, move your avatar to the blue circle that sits in front of the screens. This will bring up a URL bar that you can use to navigate to any web page.

  2. What web sites work on the screens?

    Most web sites work fine on our browser, but sometimes websites that require authentication or are graphically complex won't work properly. Head to our support center if you try to go to a website, it doesn't work, and you'd really like it to work. Videos should work fine so long as they run in an HTML5 player; we know that flash doesn't work that well in our screens. 

  3. How do I save content to the web browser screens so that it stays there persistently?

    In our upcoming build, you can drag links to the buttons to the left of the screen to save links to those buttons. Or, you can also log in to your account on the web and use the content dashboard there to adjust content. 

  4. Can I live stream or share my screen on the in-world screens?

    We are actively working on this. If you know a web-based video streaming or screen sharing site that you think might work, shoot me an email at

  5. Can I display files or presentations on the screens?

    So long as those files live on the web, there's a good chance they will display nicely on the screens in Edorble. You just want to make sure they are publicly shared. We do know that files that are publicly shared in Google Drive work nicely on our screens. You just paste the URL of the fire in the URL bar when you're standing on the blue circle near the screen. Here's a guide to displaying Google Drive files in Edorble. 

Creating or Finding 3D Maps and Models

  1. Can I create 3D models or maps inside of Edorble?

    Currently, no. What you can do, though, is use third party software to create 3D models and maps that you can bring into or use as your Edorble world. This can be a great way to publish your students' work, since it allows them to publish their work inside or as a social, multiplayer 3D environment. That way, people from all over the world can gather inside their scene or check out their models together and discuss them. Email if you're interested in this. 

  2. If my students or I are creating 3D scenes or models to bring into Edorble, what file formats should they be?

    .obj or .fbx files

  3. Where can I browse other pre-made 3D scenes that can work as Edorble environments?

    You can browse the Unity Asset Store or Sketchfab as places to start. 

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