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We try to make it as easy as possible for you to have your first class, webinar, or meeting in Edorble. Follow these steps to get started.

1. First, download Edorble at

 2. If you're a teacher and you'd like to invite your students or colleagues to your world, come up with a unique world code and share it with anyone that you'd like. We recommend that this world code have no spaces and no capital letters. Then, once you've shared your world code, tell your students or colleagues to also download Edorble at Just so you know, our system is simple: whoever uses the same world code at the same time will be in the same world.

4. Once you've downloaded Edorble, you should go to your sound settings on your computer and make sure that your sound input is set to your microphone. You should also use headphones to reduce voice chat echo. Tell other participants to use their headphones as well!

5.  Go ahead and open Edorble. When you first open it, the launcher will take a few minutes to download. Every time afterwards, it will load almost instantly. This is why, if you're scheduling a meeting or class with people that have never used Edorble before, you should encourage them to open up Edorble at least once before the meeting so that they can get this step out of the way.

6. Once you've run the launcher, you'll see a world code screen. Enter your world code and hit the play button.

7. Now, customize your avatar and hit the play button again. Wait for the map to load (again, takes a minute or two the first time).  Now you'll find yourself in Edorble. You point and click with your mouse to move around. 

8.  The voice chat is distance-based, so you only hear who you're close to. This means it's easy for participants to break into groups and have separate conversations. If you want to broadcast your voice to everyone in the world, you can hold down "b" and talk.

9. There are some web browser screens in the world which you can use by stepping into the blue circles on the ground in front of them. Everyone in the world can see what's on these screens, so you can look at websites together, watch videos, and more. You can also copy links to files from google drive, so long as those files are shared publicly on their google drive privacy settings. 

10. You can raise your hand by pressing "r", and you can sit down by pressing "t". You can walk a bit faster by holding down shift. You can rotate your camera view by pressing "c" and moving your mouse. Return it to normal by hitting "c" again.

11. You can look at all of the controls and settings by hitting escape or by clicking the settings icon on the top right of your screen. If you notice a bug, you can submit a support request right from within Edorble by clicking on "support" within the settings menu. 

Enjoy!  As always, let us know what you think and what you'd like to see in Edorble.

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